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Trim Pet Nails with Dremel

The Dremel is an awesome alternative to guillotine style clippers. While the guillotine clippers are easier on the human, it is quite easy to hit the quick with them. These are the key factors to keep in mind: Low speeds, introduce the dog to the Dremel, and use a 45 degree angle with a sanding [...]

Cutting Glass with a Dremel

Cutting glass can be an expensive task with a Dremel. Cheap glass cutters can be used to start or finish off the product. Afterwards, the Dremel can be used to give a smoothed polish to the glass. Required Tools: Spray Bottle with Water or a Large Bowl of Water. Goggles and a Mask. Painter’s Tape [...]

Glass Etching — Accessories

Always wear a mask and goggles when etching glass. The Dremel creates shrapnel and potentially cancerous dust. Work in a well ventilated environment. Read the Dremel Safety Guide. Diamond bits seem to work best for glass etching with a Dremel. The etch is much finer and detailed. Water will really make the process of using [...]

Glass Etching – Pattern on the Glass

This is Part One of a multi-part series. Glass etching has become a great hobby.  From names, patterns, designs, and accents, a Dremel rotary tool and the right diamond bit can make amazing results. Getting the Design or Pattern on the Glass: Depending on the material, you have many options. 1A)  Print your design on [...]

Dremel Project Safety Guidelines

Dremel and the endless amount of bits lead to a myriad of projects.  Yet, we must always exercise caution when using anything that creates shrapnel or dust. Rule #1 Changing Bits Always, Always, Always unplug the Dremel.  It may take away from time, but you owe me a finger for this rule. Rotation Rotation should [...]